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A review from a SquashMind student - by Oliver Coulcher-Porter

I have found that SquashMind has added an additional aspect to my game. Listening to the podcasts it features have given me an insight into how hard the top players work on the mental side of the game. Now I find that SquashMind is the “gym for my brain”.

Before the app had come out, my mental side of the game was weak and it let me down tournament after tournament. Having worked daily with SquashMind I saw immediate results on and off the court. I was getting less angry in all my matches; became less nervous through the visualisation and on an every day basis, I improved massively as well. With this mental shift I consequently became more confident and I was getting some amazing wins. SquashMind has taught me how to form good habits. Now I have developed a morning routine and an evening routine which I stick to everyday and it consists of journaling, meditation, visualisation and cold showers!! I find starting and ending my day on my own terms is extremely powerful. SquashMind has also taught me to disengage my emotional brain and has made me become far more aware in daily life.

Over this Coronavirus period it has been difficult to stay motivated in all aspects of life. SquashMind has given me something to work on and improve while being away from the courts. For me it has planted the seeds which I think will become lifelong habits. The brilliant thing is also the app isn’t dogmatic in its ways. I find many mindfulness companies have one method which you have to follow. SquashMind looks at the mind from many different angles and is flexible in its approach. Therefore I highly recommend SquashMind to anyone who plays squash or not. In my opinion is just as important as the physical and technical to squash and so must be developed.

Oliver Coulcher-Porter

England Junior top 8

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