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Four Reasons Why Squash Is Important For Weight Loss

More than 200,000 people play squash in the UK. Many play because it’s a fun way to keep fit, lose weight and boost their confidence and self-belief. Others play because it uses many physical, mental and skill assets which challenge the brain and body; they like the adrenaline it produces and the competitive element. Some simply play because they enjoy the game as well as the social aspect of meeting new people; because this is an indoor sport and can be played all year round, it is ideal for the months when the weather dictates what other exercise we can do outdoors. When thinking about exercise and losing weight, most people would go for the obvious like running, walking, exercise classes and joining a gym alongside their dietary changes. However, playing squash will burn calories, improve your circulation, help keep joints and muscles strong, which in turn will give you an overall better level of fitness and agility. Whilst playing squash will help you to lose weight, a tailored weight loss plan will need to be followed for diet and nutritional advice. Still, if you are engaging in a weight loss programme and are looking for an enjoyable exercise to complement a healthy diet and workout regime, then squash is perfect, as we will now explain in more detail. All the reasons below will give anyone wanting to lose weight, improve their agility and health, feel happier and make new friends; an insight into why squash is a good choice.

BURNING CALORIES If you follow a structured diet, then playing squash will help you burn off more calories than a lot of other sports as it is a fast-moving, energetic, strenuous sport. Playing the game for just one hour, you could burn up to 1117 calories depending on your starting weight. Running for 10 miles will burn approximately 1000 calories, making squash a great alternative.

CIRCULATION Playing squash improves your circulation and lowers your blood pressure. This reduces the risk of heart disease as it strengthens the muscles and prevents blood vessels from becoming blocked. It also improves your balance, agility and hand-to-eye coordination. This will make you feel fitter and encourage you to continue on an exercise plan to help with weight loss.

IMPROVE AGILITY AS WE GET OLDER When you play squash, and you run to hit the ball, you use a lot of muscles in your legs and holding the racket uses arm muscles; this leads to toned arms and legs. The amount of fat you burn is greatly improved with increased muscle mass and strength. This, in turn, will help with improving agility enabling us to exercise longer as our bones and muscles deteriorate with age.

MENTAL FITNESS AND WELLBEING A lot of modern fitness techniques focus on burning calories, but that isn't the only focus. Squash will improve your mental fitness as it is a thinking person's game. Some smart strategic moves often triumph over brute force. The concentration and focus needed can lead to an improved attitude in other aspects of life. As this is an all-year-round indoor sport and the opportunities to develop friendships exist through joining clubs and associations, giving you a relaxed and happy mindset which will help you to stick with the diet and exercise plan.

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