Your coach in your pocket

SquashMind helps you to fulfil your potential


Use daily for practises in mindfulness and visualisation to improve your mental wellbeing and resilience


Listen to lessons in grounded theory to appreciate the power of exercising your mind 


A healthy, exercised and balanced mind off the court transfers to greater performances on court 

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SquashMind is based around it's 3 core principles

Mindfulness practises


Visualisation practises


Theory lessons



Go beyond reactive thinking and make profound discoveries about the nature of your own mind 



Activate neural pathways within the brain to perform better and to armour plate yourself for inevitable obstacles



Gain a deeper knowledge around the power of the mind and how when exercised, you can maximise your potential


Listening to the theory lessons, reading the recommended books, listening to the suggested podcasts and talks - this is STUDY


Trying out the lessons, reflecting on them, journalling your thoughts, making this a daily habit - this is PRACTISE


Training hard in the ‘winter’ to be prepared and strong to meet any battle when the ‘enemy’ eventually comes, and they always do - this is HARD TRAINING

SquashMind uses the theories from the Stoics idea to the art of living 





Hard training

"Presence Process Persistence - the essence of SquashMind"

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About Jesse Engelbrecht

Jesse Engelbrecht was a former touring professional player for over 10-years who, after retiring, turned his hand to coaching and developing players from the grass-roots through to the elite level

Jesse trained and qualified as a High Performance Coach with England Squash and has subsequently progressed to earn a Masters degree in sports psychology in the field of Mental Toughness in Squash

SquashMind has taken several years of planning and study to get to this point whereby the lessons learnt, knowledge gained and practical tools applied are brought to you in one easy and simple app to help maximise your potential

Contact Jesse on jesse@squashmind.co.uk

"Presence Process Persistence - the essence of SquashMind"

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