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An Introduction To The SportMind App

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SportMind is based around its 3 core principles

Mindfulness practices


Visualisation practices


Theory lessons

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Go beyond reactive thinking and make profound discoveries about the nature of your own mind 

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Activate neural pathways within the brain to perform better and to armour plate yourself for inevitable obstacles

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Gain a deeper knowledge around the power of the mind and how when exercised, you can maximise your potential

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SportMind uses the theories from the Stoics idea to the art of living 





Hard training

"Presence Process Persistence - the essence of SquashMind"

Listening to the theory lessons, reading the recommended books, listening to the suggested podcasts and talks - this is STUDY


Trying out the lessons, reflecting on them, journalling your thoughts, making this a daily habit - this is PRACTISE


Training hard in the ‘winter’ to be prepared and strong to meet any battle when the ‘enemy’ eventually comes, and they always do - this is HARD TRAINING

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Alison Waters

- former world no. 3

SquashMind is my go-to psychological tool for all things squash. I highly recommend it for all players professional and amateur

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Tom Richards

- former world no. 12

I use SquashMind to get myself right mentally before each match I play. It forms a big part of my mental preparation on a daily basis

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Michael Khan

- WSF coach educator 

The SquashMind app and philosophies form the psychological component of all our coach education programs. We are proud to use and vouch for SquashMind

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Megan Light

- England U17 no.1

I feel so much calmer, confident and relaxed when I work on my mental state and the SquashMind app is perfect for this 

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